Using Confluence and JIRA for project and portfolio reporting - part 1

This is part 1 of our howto on using the Atlassian tools, JIRA and Confluence for project and portfolio reporting.

You may want to read an introduction here.

Overview and basic structure

Our goal will be to capture key project attributes like risks, issues, decisions, variations and lessons learned in JIRA and use Confluence as a reporting engine to generate status reports at both, a project and a portfolio level.

The basic idea that we will be using will be an account structure, with projects underneath it. Imagine the following structure:


Lets say your organization is managing six projects, three between 2 companies each. In our setup, the customer will be represented as a JIRA project while projects will be represented as a JIRA field, fixRelease.

Confluence, in the spirit of being a wiki, lends itself to being flexible in how we structure it. But to keep things simple, we will follow a similar structure there in that we will have each of the customer as a parent page, with each project as child. You may have different pages as required under each project page.

Once we are done setting up these tools, a project status report for project A would look as follows:


A portfolio report for customer B would look as per below:

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