I am currently in the process of migrating all my different domains including thefreespeech.org from Dreamhost over to AWS. Why? I am currently studying for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and no amount of studies is going to be as beneficial as a hands-on, practical exercise as this. Also, to be very clear, I have had no issues with Dreamhost hosting - I have been with them for a few years now, and they have been nothing but fantastic.

So, whats my migration plan? Some of the tasks below have already been completed and I plan to write some posts on them in the very near future. But here’s the list:

  • Migrate all my domains
  • Migrate the website - http://www.thefreespeech.org. I have been reading up on static websites for quite some time now, and I think its time that thefreespeech.org was turned into one. This is going to entail a few things:

    • Install and Set up Hugo on my local machine
    • Export the website from Wordpress to Hugo
    • Setup git and a remote repository on Bitbucket
    • Set up continuous integration (CI) on Wercker
    • Configure AWS for hosting the static site
    • Actual migration (Repointing DNS records)
    • Set up email, which itself will involve:
      • Setup an EC2 instance on AWS
      • Set up email - install Postfix (SMTP) and Dovecot (POP, IMAP)
      • Install webmail
    • Optional - Since I am setting up an EC2 instance, I am even thinking of setting up OpenVPN here, so I can have my own VPN server instead of subscribing to a service like NordVPN.

As I said, I will write up a few different posts on how I went. Stay tuned.