Been reading a lot of the iPhone 3G  connectivity issues these days, especially at iPhone Atlas, like this. I do not think so many people could be wrong, but I am a bit skeptical, most probably because I haven’t experienced 1 bit of this problem. I kind of feel left out, although in a good way. Must be karma.

So I tried the tests as they mentioned, and I don’t know about someone else, but in my books, a download speed of 844 KBps is fantastic speed on 3G. Its fast enough to allow me to listen to streaming radio for most of the time during the day.

Again, this is not about my lawn is greener than yours, or Three is better than Optus. But I do think we as Australians might have kind of escaped the connectivity issues that the US is facing. The ‘inferior chip’ theory sounds good, but why does it affect some countries more than others? Meh.. what do I care?