Till recently, I had a weird compatibility issues with my Macbook and the office Exchange server. The problem was related to meeting invites, in particular, the way Exchange wrote timezones in its .ics files.

Well, I am in Brisbane, and the way I expect any sane programme to write its timezone is “Australia / Brisbane”. However, Exchange being Exchange, writes it completely different, and when opened in iCal, the meeting invite almost always gets offset by 10 hours or more.My solution was to create an applescript, that striped off the ics attachment from the message, modified the timezone in Textwrangler, and then opened the modified ics file in iCal. You can find the script here: do_ics_magic.scpt

Requirements: I have tried it on OSX 10.4. I am sure it should work on 10.3 as well. Since it depends on Textwrangler to modify the timezone, you’ll need it installed. Textwrangler is free and you can get it here

How to use: Simply download the script to your scripts folder. If you want the script to automatially appear when you have Mail.app open, you’ll need to save it in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Mail/ folder. I have created a rule in Mail.app which automatically launches this script when it sees a file with an ics attachment. But then the only emails with ics attachments I get in my office account are internal. So this may not work for you. In this case, just select the message and run this script.