In my last post I blogged about how there are cool third party

clients including flock and Journler, that I could use to blog, in

theory. But for some reason, they didn’t quite work.

I since tried a few suggestions, and am happy to say it worked. But

first the problem, or at least what I think the problem is: The

xmlrpc.php file, of late has had lots of vulnerabilities. It seems that

hosting providers have taken a proactive approach and added a htaccess

rule that denies access to the file.

The solution, as pointed out by lots on forums of most blogging

sites, is to rename the file. My xmlrpc.php file, though, was

configured to log errors. The log file however, was again not

accessible, and this prevented the hack from working. Once I changed

the line, $xmlrpc_logging=1 to $xmlrpc_php=0, it was all cool and


Blogged with Flock