The idea of reusing source code available freely, in an ‘open’ license is not new. No one likes to reinvent the wheel. I do it regularly. As a sys admin, when I am asked to write a quick script, my first reaction is googl’ing for something already written that can be used. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. After all, why reinvent the wheel?

Today I was on one such mission, except I was looking for some examples on some simple socket programming in perl. I found two well-reputed sites, with a tutorial on the subject. Now for the interesting bit – The example code that was used on both web sites were IDENTICAL. Look:

Link 1


Link 2

The latter comes from:

Simple code, I accept, is prone to being similar. But that would only be for a “Hello World” kind of script, not for an example in socket programming. I don’t beleive that the same syntax, same port numbers, and even the same variables could be coincidence. The only difference: Devshed’s print statement reads

print CLIENT "Smile from the server",

while LJ’s reads:

print CLIENT "Hello from the server: ".

This IMHO, is plagarism. Now I am assuming the devshed article being written well after the LJ one, is the suspicious one. Not withstanding the licensing, I would expect at least one reference, for the sake of goodwill.

Anyways.. let me get back to my socket programming..