Revisiting kcheckmail now that my perl is slightly better than what it was when I wrote it.

Here are some improvement ideas that have sprung to mind:

  1. Remove as many perl module depencies as possible.

  2. Remove the config file option from script. The script is too simple to need a config file. Just tweak script variables instead, or pass arguments on the command line.

  3. Add an option to monitor emails in biff mode. This is how it would work. Say you are interested in a particular email that matches a certain criteria (example From: Tell kcheckmail to alert you only for those emails and not worry about the rest. The reverse should also hold true. For example, don’t tell me about an email from google alerts, but tell me everything else.

  4. Check email for X-SPAM and other popular spam headers and trash them. A usual Popup message should notify the user that the message has been trashed.

  5. Verify spam against online rbls and either add a header or optionally trash them

  6. Add logging / debugging capabilities.