I have been evaluating distributions over the past few days. Essentially, I have had a Debian system for quite a long time, and haven’t really played with the latest distributions for a long time now.

Last week I installed SuSE 9.2 on my laptop. I must say it wasn’t bad – not bad at all. Very professional in its looks and almost all of my hardware worked out of the box. I say almost because my Linksys USB wireless adapter didn’t get picked up. Not that I was surprised, but was just being a bit over optimistic. What struck me (in a bad way) was that SuSE, inspite of being a Novell product, doesn’t come with the Ximian (a part of Novell) Exchange Connector, nor with the RedCarpet package management tool, that can make installing it easy.

This week I installed the much talked about Ubuntu. Well, mixed reactions for this one. I must say beforehand that I am probably not among the target audience of the distribution. Its a very very desktop-oriented distro. Anyways, what I didn’t like about it, or in other words, what I didn’t know earlier, was it simply doesn’t give you a package selection choice. It is a Gnome based distro. Well, but as I said before, I am not necessarily the target audience of the distro, and secondly, the package selection of Ubuntu is quite good. What I really liked about it, was the non-availability of root account by default to the end-user. Instead, the default user, has full access via sudo, a la Mac OSX. Excellent stuff.

So am I sticking with Ubuntu? Don’t think so. As I write this, I am installing Debian again. 😉